Full Service Tree Planting Services
Michael’s Services offers full-service tree planting. These essential services include:

  • review of the planting site
  • tying up branches
  •  digging with the tree spade
  • wrapping root ball in burlap and a wire basket
  • digging the planting holes with the auger
  • backfilling with soil
Guarantee is included for all trees planted by Michael’s Service at regular price.
A replacement tree will be made available for the Colorado Spruce (or deciduous tree) that fails to survive one year after the date of purchase.
Tree Planting Process:
  • Trees orders are spaded freshly off the ground either the day before or on the day of planting.
  • Trees are wrapped in burlap and placed into basket for safe transportation.
  • Load is secured and ready for delivery.
  • Once on site, holes are augured and trees are transplanted.
  • Transplanting is secured while stabilizing trees and covering holes.
  • Trees are watered immediately after planting is completed.
Please ensure that you water trees following planting. Trees and their roots require adequate water to maintain hydrated and healthy.