Colorado Spruce

Colorado spruce are a popular evergreen tree with stiff needles that range in color from green to silvery blue green. Its size and shape make the it an extremely attractive landscaping evergreen.

  • Colorado spruce planted in the Peace Country grow 50 to 70 feet tall and with a spread from 10 to 20 feet at maturity.
  • One of the most appealing physical qualities of the Colorado spruce is its pyramid shape, a great adaptation for winter months. It catches snow while still blocking cold winds.

With its flexibility and durability, a Colorado spruce makes an excellent addition to almost any landscaping project.

We offer two grades of Colorado Spruce

Grade A trees have a distinct leader with a full, symmetrical pyramidal shape, ideal for landscaping.
Grade B trees have a distinct leader with an uneven shape, ideal for shelter belts.

We also offer a variety of Coniferous and Deciduous trees upon request.

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